Aspiring Laser Renewal - Refreshing all skin types
Lonnie Beard, CLS-Owner/Founder
    My 7 years experience in the Health Care Industry in Denver helped educate and expose me to the various needs of individuals. With this knowledge I am able to listen to your personal skin renewal goals and help you set up a program to put you on track to achieving them. 
Lonnie Beard, CLS-Owner/Founder 
   The Fractional CO2 skin laser rejuvenation is the new innovative way of reaching these goals. I personally experienced this truly amazing procedure. The Fractional CO2 skin rejuvenation procedure was one that I instantly knew I had to be able to provide for my community.
   I know that I can share these amazing effects of Fractional CO2 by refreshing and tightening the skin in the eye and chin areas, as well as wrinkle and sun damage erasing. I am passionate about sharing how lasers can give you that wonderful “I feel good in my skin” feeling.

Members of our Renewal Team
Valerie Smaldone, CLS
   After completing a degree in Holistic Health and Wellness and Nutrition and working in the Health industry for several years I discovered the exciting, diverse world of laser renewal.  I knew immediately that this was something that I wanted to share with others.
   I have personally seen and firsthand experienced the benefits that laser renewal offers.  Everything from skin rejuvenation, hair and tattoo removal to scar and spider vein reduction. The benefits are not only skin deep but can help to bring a complete sense of well-being. 
   My passion has always been to help others live life to the fullest and my goal at Aspiring Laser Renewal is to help and offer the amazing benefits that laser renewal can provide.

Kathi Simmons, CLS-ESTI
    My interest in the field of aesthetics and cosmetic lasers began about two years ago. After going to school to get licensed in aesthetics I was exposed to the new exciting world of laser skin care. I was so impressed with the technology and results I knew I had to continue my education and get certified. 
    I find the opportunity to be able to perform non-invasive and effective treatments exceedingly exciting. Being able to see immediate results and helping people feel better about themselves is truly rewarding. I believe everyone should feel confident and happy within their own skin. I have a passion to find the best individualized approach to provide clients with both safe and effective treatments. 
    The various treatments and services at Aspiring Laser Renewal allows me to provide individualized treatments to reach those skin rejuvenation goals you've been searching for.

Gerald Searle, DO
Gerald Searle, DO
Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine
Midwestern University
Chicago, Illinois
Bachelor of Science
Idaho State University
Pocatello, Idaho
Postgraduate Training:
Valley Hospital
Las Vegas, Nevada
University of Texas Medical Branch
Galveston, TX
Additional Training:
Allergan Certification
Botox and Dermal Filler
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